HiSpec MonoBlock Range


Radial Mount (210mm PCD)

Suits rotors from 380mm to 400mm.


Radial Mount (210mm PCD)

Suits rotors from 350mm to 380mm

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The Hi-Spec MonoBlocks were developed for large and powerful cars. It is available in two different variations to suit whichever rotors you are using. The Mono-V is a caliper designed for the track, but is also well at home on the road. The Mono-R is an out and out track derived clamping beast!


All MonoBlock models are developed around the 152mm pad as found in the RX152.  Available in the most popular brands, compounds and competitively priced.

Reliability and Quality

All MonoBlock models are designed to give excellent performance, as you would expect from a fixed body, heavy duty caliper.

A couple of features we have built in to all MonoBlock calipers to achieve this are:


All MonoBlocks have 6 hard anodised aluminium pistons:





All MonoBlock calipers are radial mount. This means that with the use of an adapter bracket the calipers are universal to fit to any vehicle.


We sell a great many calipers on their own for people to design and develop their own conversions. This is not always easy and as safety must be a primary concern we would recommend you buy a complete conversion from us.

We also produce a huge number of bespoke kits for anything a little bit unusual, please call our friendly sales team for any advice you might need on 01322 286 850.

mono-v mono-r Coming Soon for web purchase. Please call 01322 286 850 to purchase a MonoBlock caliper.