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HiSpec RX series Range

The RX-13 and RX-15 calipers are our new Rigid 3D range.

The RX series calipers are suitable for vehicles up to 1600kg.

They have been designed with a thicker body than our standard RS range allowing the pistons to sit more deeply within the body.  The increased thickness of the body gives the caliper extra rigidity which in turn reduces any flex of the calliper under extreme conditions. RX series calipers can have an external fluid cross over, or internal crossover. And use high temperature EPDM seals as standard.

All our race calipers come hard anodised black to improve wear and corrosion resistance.

The RX series will give you a confident pedal feel and more consistent braking.

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Radial Mount

Suited for 13” wheels


Radial Mount

Suited for 15” wheels.

 RX13  RX15


Radial Mount

Suited for 17” wheels.